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This schedule applies to closings occurring within New London County.    Closings occurring elsewhere may involve additional charges.

In the interests of simplifying the way in which we price our work for residential real estate closings, we are setting out below our estimated fees for various types of transactions.    Each transaction may also involve certain other costs, which may apply in some cases, but not others (see list of additional costs below).

This schedule of Fees is subject to change at any time, without notice.

Although the fees set out below should apply in most cases the facts of each case may mean an adjustment is necessary.   To obtain a firm quote for the fees that will apply in a specific case, please call us to discuss the matter, or complete and submit to us the Real Estate Intake Sheet, and we will get back to you to discuss things, at which point we should be able to give you a firm quote.   Please keep in mind that even if you e mail us the transaction information, you have not retained us as your attorneys until such time as we enter into an agreement with you to provide representation.  All fees assume the parties have entered into a contract.   

For representation of a Seller (not a short sale)
Attorneys Fee    $675 (plus our out of pocket expenses, such as for courier or wire fees).

For representation of Owner who is refinancing
Attorneys Fee and title search    $750

For representation of a Buyer with typical mortgage
Our fee for representing a lender, and also a buyer in a transaction, is as follows:
Attorney Fee and title search    $850

Representation of the buyer where there is no lender - or real estate agent
Attorneys Fee and title search    As agreed upon per circumstances

A note about title search costs.  Please note that the title search fee included in the fees set out above applies for a routine residential title search.   In some cases (and this cannot always be known before the search begins) the title search fee may be increased due to complications in the chain of title, such as foreclosures, or probates, or boundary line disputes.    If the title search fee charged to us exceeds $200 (and routine searches do not), then our fee for attorneys fee and title search, would be increased by the amount over $200 the search costs us.   So if the title search costs $250, our attorney fee and title search fee would be increased by $50.

A note about title insurance.    The fees set out above for buyers or borrowers assume that our firm will be issuing a policy of title insurance for our client, since our firm would receive compensation from the title insurance company involved as agent for that company.    Institutional lenders require as a condition of closing that a buyer / borrower pay for the cost of a “Lender’s Policy” in all cases, to our knowledge.    In addition, a buyer / borrower may want to buy an “Owner’s Policy” which would name them as the insured on the policy and protect their interests.  The cost for the policy can depend on whether you purchase a “basic” or “expanded” policy, and can also depend on whether the financing is considered entitled to a reduced premium as a “refinance” transaction.    We can tell you what the title insurance premium will be when we talk to you.

Additional costs may for any specific case, and any party, involve the following:

  • Fees for representing seller will be by supplmental agreement for services involved in securing releases for liens or mortgages which cannot be obtained by us upon initial request for some from from lienholder, and if there are more than two mortgages or liens on any property.
  • $20.00    Overnight / Courier Fee and handling:   (used for payoffs, and submission of mortgage documents to a lender)
  • $35.00    paid by the seller for each mortgage on the property to be released in the transaction, so a mortgage tracking release service can be paid to track whether releases that are supposed to be recorded, are actually recorded, payable to the mortgage tracking service to be employed to provide this service. 
  • $XX    Recording fees payable to the town involved (the seller pays for the recording fee for mortgages and liens to be released, and the buyer for all mortgage documents and the deed conveying title to the buyer).    Generally the charge is $5.00 per page, except a higher charge is assessed for the first page of any document, and special charges can apply to mortgages involved in the MERS mortgage system.    These charges are not discretionary, and will be the same regardless of who handles the closing.
  • $75.00    If you need us to prepare a power of attorney (assuming such is acceptable to other parties in the transaction)
  • $100.00    to prepare a quit claim deed for the property if such is required
  • $20.00    Agent notification fee (to be paid by seller to the buyer’s attorney as part of the Closing Customs of New London County Bar Association as compensation for compliance with the notification law under C.G.S. §49-10b for each Mortgage on the property to be paid at the time of closing).
  • $XX    Conveyance taxes are payable by the seller of the property to the State and to the municipality concerned.   Generally, the rates are three quarters of a percent to be paid to the State and one half a percent payable to the town involved.   The amount payable to the State is higher for high priced property, and the amount payable to the town can depend on what town the property is in.    As with recording fees, these amounts are not discretionary, and will be the same regardless of who handles the closing.
  • If no real estate agent is representing you, additional fees and fees may apply.

*Please note that our fees for services will be memorialized at such time as we accept representation of a client and may vary from what is set out above.    Our fee agreement goes into detail as to what services are included or excluded from the quoted fees. There is no charge for review of a contract.    Matters that are outside of the parameters of a normal closing are not included within the estimated fees.   For example representation in any litigation that may arise out of the contract is excluded, as are fees for work required on behalf of a seller so that good title can be conveyed (such as clearing tax issues in the probate court).    

Additional fees may apply for new construction, or unique or very valuable property, or where non-institutional financing is invovled.



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