Lois G. Andrews and James L. Young, Jr., of the firm of Andrews & Young, PC, are retiring from the practice of law, and the firm is closing May 1, 2024.

Clients should contact their office at the address below by May 1, 2024, if they wish to obtain files the firm may have for them including any original Will, Trust or other original document that has been left in the possession of the firm.

Andrews & Young, PC, 567 Vauxhall St. Ext., Suite 118, Waterford, CT 06385 phone 860-444-2101

Original documents not obtained from the firm by May 1, 2024 will be transferred for storage to the firm of Lahan & King, LLC, of 53 Lafayette Street, Norwich, CT 06360, absent any objection received prior to that date, and will be available from that firm upon reasonable prior notice. Other files will be transferred for storage to Lahan & King, LLC, and will also be available upon reasonable prior notice, and will be subject to destruction over time in accordance with applicable guidelines.

Lois and Jim express their heartfelt appreciation, thanks, and well wishes to all who have entrusted the firm with their legal affairs over the years, and especially to the firm's excellent and professional staff, without whom the work of the firm could not have been done.